We serve MRIdian Linacs from ViewRay

Lioness Medtech provides and services leading medtech in diagnostics and treatments of cancer and neurological diseases.

We serve MRIdian Linacs from ViewRay

Our expert service team assist several hospitals in Europe with on-site and remote monitoring, preventive maintenance and repairs as needed. Lioness offers expert service for accelerators and imaging equipment.

Please contact us at info@lionessmedtech.com for more information.

ViewRay – A New Paradigm in Radiation Oncology

ViewRay MRIdian users now have eight years of Clinical Experience in MR-guided Radiation Therapy and more than 16000 patients have been treated with MRIdian®. Because of the diagnostic quality real-time MRI visualization, it allows a number of different treatment options: Stereotactic MR-guided Adaptive RadioTherapy SMART is the future of SBRT. MRIGRT, MRSRS, Real-time On-table Adaptive Radiotherapy ROARs. ViewRay’s MR-Linac allows hypofractionation and dose escalation in moving targets. With 8 MR images per second during the whole treatment doctors dare to apply curative dosage. It is because they can see what they are treating and stop the beam when needed to spare healthy tissue. 8 FPS MRI cine during treatment is nice!

The ViewRay MRIdian® MR-Linac fits in a standard RT treatment vault / linac bunker.