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    Medical Accelerators

  • MRI-Guided ROAR

    Realtime On-table Adaptive Radiotherapy

  • 360° Proton Therapy

    Fastest PBS and FLASH

  • Modern SRS -- ZAP-X

    Next generation Stereotactic Radiosurgery. Zaps brain tumors

Lioness MedTech promote and service leading MedTech within radiotherapy

Lioness Medtech promote and service leading medical technologies to diagnose and treat disease with radiation. Only the very best technologies.

Proton Therapy, PET Cyclotrons, BNCT and light ions particle therapy: Lioness MedTech represent Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd. as European agents

MRI-Linac: Lioness MedTech are the Nordic distributors for the MRIdian Linac from ViewRay

Stereotactic Radiosurgery of the brain (SRS): Lioness MedTech distribute ZAP-X in the Nordics

QA phantoms and software to track QC: Lioness MedTech distribute IMT (IMTQA) in the Nordics

Patient positioning and bolus: Lioness MedTech distribute AnatGe and MoldCare in the Nordics

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Modern, efficient, reliable medtech




State-of-the-art cancer care requires large investments in facilities, equipment, staff and training. Premier tools, training and services are crucial. LIONESS MEDTECH provide leading products and services for advanced cancer centers.

Lioness MedTech promote SUMITOMO Heavy Industries’ medical products in Europe. We also represent AnatGe, ViewRay, ZAP and IMT in Scandinavia. The most advanced technologies and products are integrated for advanced particle therapy projects and state-of-the-art cancer centers. We believe in better imaging and sharper beams for better outcomes.

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Radiotherapy with Light Ions include Proton Beam Therapy and Carbon Ion Therapy, also called Particle Therapy or Hadron Therapy

Light Ions particle beams allow more conformal dose distribution compared to conventional radiation therapy,  because of the Bragg Peak which allows stopping the beam in the tumor and not radiating healthy tissues beyond the target.



BNCT – Boron Neutron Capture Therapy

BNCT is for infiltrating, spread and recurrent disease. Sumitomo, Stella Pharma and RaySearch contribute to the NeuCure BNCT system. Clinical trials show extended survival for patients with recurrent head-and-neck and brain cancers. Studies underway also show promising results in primary tumors. BNCT was previously quite difficult, requiring a nuclear reactor to generate neutrons. Sumitomo’s NeuCure is better, using an accelerator instead of a reactor.

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MR-Guided Radiotherapy (ViewRay MR Linac)

MR-Guided Radiotherapy (MR-Linac) it is visibly better with SMART SBRT MRIGRT SRS, allowing Real-time On-table Adaptive Radiotherapy. ROAR. It is visibly better for hypofractionation and dose escalation in moving targets. ViewRay users have the longest and most extensive experience in MR-guided radiation therapy; 8 years and more than 25000 patients treated.

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RT Phantoms

  • End-To-End QA Phantoms for Radiation Therapy
  • Comprehensive SRS/SBRT QA Devices
  • Fast and Comprehensive TG-142 QA solutions
  • Daily QA Phantoms for OBI, CT/SIM, and 6DOF
  • MR Image Distortion Analysis Phantoms
  • Winston-Lutz QA solutions
  • Auto Analysis Software

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Proton Therapy

Proton Therapy is a gentle form of radio therapy with generally lower side effects. Especially for pediatric care it is very important that the quality of life can be preserved long term. Sumitomo’s proton therapy systems offer the leading technical specs and clinical performance.

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Radiopharma Cyclotron HM-20

We can propose optimum systems to our customers based on their requirements as well as the installation space and whether or not integrated shielding is necessary, etc. The cyclotrons from Sumitomo lead in radio-pharma performance and reliability

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Modern Stereotactic Radiosurgery with ZAP-X

Frontier in modern radiosurgery ZAP-X offers innovative non-invasive cancer treatment for treatment of brain tumors and conditions of the head and neck. No bunker, no cobalt makes it easy to implement world-class radiosurgery anywhere.

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Welcome to visit SUMITOMO Heavy Industries. See how fast pencil-beam line scanning brings a new dimension to your proton therapy treatment plans and allows great speed in dose delivery. Discuss FLASH therapy research and how the high beam-current of SHI Cyclotrons enable new treatment research

Compact, affordable, life-time warranty, operational today. Only SHI customers have clinical fast line-scanning PBS in proton therapy.

NeuCure is leading the way in clinical accelerator based BNCT. See also https://www.shi.co.jp/industrial/en/product/medical/bnct/neucure.html

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