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Swoop® System in ICUs.

Swoop® System in Pediatric Facilities

Hyperfine – The Swoop® System

Hyperfine, Inc. (Nasdaq: HYPR) is the groundbreaking health technology company that has redefined brain imaging with the Swoop® system—the first FDA-cleared, portable, ultra-low-field, magnetic resonance brain imaging system capable of providing imaging at multiple points of care in a healthcare facility. Hyperfine’s mission is to revolutionize patient care globally through transformational, accessible, clinically relevant diagnostic imaging. See more at: https://hyperfine.io/.

The Swoop® system is the only FDA-cleared portable MR brain imaging system that combines ultra-low- field magnetic resonance imaging with artificial intelligence-powered software to provide brain imaging at the point of care, helping to inform the timely diagnosis and treatment of acute conditions within a broad range of clinical settings.

The Swoop® system brings brain imaging to critically ill patients in the ICU, avoiding intrahospital transport risks and allowing uninterrupted ICU monitoring, and potentially enhances ICU efficiency by minimizing staff coordination for patient transport and delivering brain imaging hours sooner than conventional MRI.

Hyperfine – The Swoop® System


Swoop® Specifications: 59 inches tall and 33 inches wide; weight approximately 1,400 pounds; 64 mT magnet; Imaging sequences include T1, T2, FLAIR, and DWI – all directed by a user interface on an iPad Pro®. Reimbursement CPT Codes: CPT 70551: Magnetic resonance; CPT 70551-26; and CPT 70551-TC.

1. Al-Enabled: The Swoop® system automatically maps and corrects for electromagnetic interference within the imaging environment.The result is crisp, clear T1, T2,FLAIR, and DWI (with ADC map) sequences. Advanced AI Applications also offer automated and auto-aligned brain volume measurements, ventricular volume, and midline shift.

2. Power Supply: The Swoop® system plugs into a standard 120V wall outlet and is ready to scan in less than two minutes. Astonishingly efficient, the system uses just900 watts, about the same power as a coffee maker.

3. Folding Bridge: Unfold the Swoop® bridge for easy bedside patient loading. Fold the bridge back up to move the system to your next patient.

4. Halo (Gauss Guard): Even in a crowded health care environment, the system assures safety with a convenient 62-inch diameter 5 gauss guard that quickly expands and contracts.

5. RF Screen: Operation requires no external shielding with built-in continuous ‘noise cancellation’ of electromagnetic interference and the specific design of our aluminum screen.

6. Head Coil: An 8-channel removable head coil comes encased in clear, durable, and easy-to-disinfect polycarbonate plastic.

7. Casters and Joystick: As close to magnetic levitation as we could imagine, the Swoop® system effortlessly glides between patients, courtesy of a joystick and powered drive wheels.

With the introduction of Advanced Image Reconstruction, Swoop® delivers crisp, clear T1, T2, and FLAIR images with the potential to provide clinicians with a greater degree of confidence in acute clinical diagnosis.

Advanced Image Reconstruction

Advanced gridding transforms the spatial frequency domain data (k-space data) from the Swoop® system into an image in a more optimal way. Based on deep learning, this unique approach is superior to the traditional approach of using non-uniform Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) gridding since it operates directly on k-space data and can more effectively compensate for non-ideal signal encoding than other approaches that operate on the final reconstructed MRI images.

Advanced denoising, the second application of deep learning in Swoop® advanced image reconstruction, is part of the post-processing image reconstruction step. Hyperfine used deep learning to create an algorithm that applies denoising in small patches across the entire image. This process removes noise from the signal while preserving diagnostically critical information.

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