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Standard Imaging is a leading manufacturer of radiation calibration and quality assurance instruments that promotes patient safety and effective cancer treatments. Standard Imaging is committed to the fight against cancer by offering a suite of innovative products aimed at supporting radiation therapy for cancer treatment. Propelled by clinical research and steered by vetted product managers, our hardware and software engineers are able to solve QA dilemmas through the generation of new instruments and evolution of pre-existing tools. This fusion of creation and refinement has expanded Standard Imaging’s product line to include electrometers, ion chambers, phantoms, QA software, beam QA instruments and brachytherapy calibration devices ideally suited to its customers’ needs.



Software Adaptivo Patient Dosimetry

Radiotherapy is constantly changing, therefore we need to adapt.

Software IMSure 3D Software

Automated second check with Monte Carlo accuracy.


Proactive Patient Plan Delivery QA.

Effortless plan delivery QA for every fraction of every treatment.

StructSure, AI QA

StructSure Software is the tool to give you confidence moving forward in the age of AI autosegmentation.

QA Fusion

Reduce time for QA & increase patient safety.

Understand your Machine QA at a glance and automate image-based & templated test.

PIPSpro Software

Comprehensive TG-142 Imaging & Machine QA.

An optimized workflow and automated analysis solution for your TG-142 QA test protocols.

QA Pilot

Standardize. Customize. Optimize.

From the grand overview to the granular detail, securely manage your department, metrics and QA data, anytime, anywhere.

Software IMSure QA Software

Fast, Reliable Second Check Software.

Expedite accurate second checks of patient plan QA for both brachytherapy and external beam treatments.

RAy Film Dosimetry Software

Powerful, Easy to Use.

RAy Software provides analyses necessary for detailed IMRT QA, patient-specific CyberKnife QA, and other frequent QA tasks.


CT and MR Auto-Analysis Software.

Implement and standardize routine physics QA processes and automatically analyze images and generate reports for phantoms.

Exradin Detectors


Exradin® Ion Chambers

The purest picture of dose. The standard in dosimetry measurements for over 40 year.

Exradin® W2 Scintillator

Measurement without perturbation. The optimal water equivalent detector for small field dosimetr.

Exradin® Diodes

Micro field measurements. Higher signal, flatter profiles and sharper resolution with a smaller active measurement area.



Virtual Water Phantom

True Water-Equivalent Material.

An ideal alternative to traditional water phantoms for performing routine QA checks of a linear accelerator.

Phantoms Blue Water Phantom

Photon Beam QA.

Fast, easy-to-setup alternative to water phantoms for routine checks of linac photon beams.

MIMI Phantom

Isocenter Alignment IGRT QA.

Ensure image guidance accuracy by measuring the coincidence of isocenter prescribed by the lasers, treatment beam and image guidance systems.

Quick Arc Phantom

Gain confidence in system accuracy.

Gain confidence in the accuracy of your treatment plans and help improve patient safety.

DoseView 3D

Better Hardware. Better Software. Better Data.

Making sure your patients have great treatments begins with a finely-tuned linac, and that starts with the DoseView 3D.

DoseView 1D

It’s Too Easy to Use.

“We have been using the upgraded DV1D arm along with the SuperMax electrometer and software. We love it!”
— Mark Geurts, MS DABR

LUCY® 3D QA Phantom

End-To-End Stereotactic QA.

Unrivaled 0.1 mm accuracy minimizes errors at each link in the stereotactic QA chain.

Phantoms Stereotactic Dose Verification Phantom

Versatile Stereotactic QA.

Ion chamber and film dose measurements in a water-equivalent phantom designed specifically for stereotactic radiosurgery and recommended by Accuray.


MR-Guided SRS QA Phantom.

Anthropomorphic head phantom for realistic end-to-end SRS QA.

Phantoms MAX-EA

Easy Access for SRS and SGRT QA Phantom.

Anthropomorphic head phantom with easy access to cranial inserts.


SBRT End-to-End QA Phantom.

Evaluate your entire radiotherapy treatment process.


MRI Geometric Distortion Phantom.

Assess MR image distortion in all three axes to identify geometric inaccuracies.

CT/SIM Check

Daily CT SIM QA Phantom.

Designed with simplicity for implementing a broad range of CT/SIM performance analyses for TG-66.

TG-142 Check

Comprehensive TG-142 Phantom.

Efficient constancy check workflow and data collection solution for monthly QA.

ISOHex Check

Daily IGRT + 6DOF + Winston-Lutz QA.

Provides fast and simple Daily 6DOF QA and Multiple Met Winston-Lutz QA.


Daily IGRT QA Phantom.

Confidently verify your daily setup.


Simple SRS QA Phantom.

Repeatable, comprehensive essential implementation of end-to-end SRS QA routines.


DICOM Orientation Verification Phantom.

Beam QA Instruments


QA BeamChecker Plus

Reliable, Uncomplicated Daily QA.

Easier daily QA with simple, fast, and reliable measurements using automatic energy detection.

QA Instruments QA CrossChecker

Comprehensive Beam Verification and Analysis.

The solution for beam and machine verification — without the hassle of large phantoms.

QA StereoChecker

Simplicity. Workflow. Results.

“Iris QA that actually took more than 4 hours was shortened to about 10 minutes.” — Junji Suzuki, Ph.D.



SuperMAX Electrometer

Advanced Dosimetry.

The premier two-channel, reference-grade electrometer on the market.

MAX 4000 Plus Electrometer

Versatile, Accurate.

One of the most widely used electrometers; the MAX 4000 Plus is a versatile, reference-grade tool ideal for a spectrum of radiation therapy applications.

CDX 2000B Electrometer

Low Noise, Repeatable Measurements.

The CDX 2000B is a stable, lightweight electrometer for use in external beam dosimetry measurements and precise HDR brachytherapy calibrations.



HDR 1000 Plus Well Chamber

Confidence in Brachytherapy Source Calibration.

Global standard for independently verifying brachytherapy source strength.

IVB 1000 Well Chamber

Tailored for Calibration of Long Source Trains.

Global standard for independently verifying brachytherapy source strength.



Daily QA

Shorten each step in your daily routine.

Monthly QA

Simplify task group requirements with dashboard reports.

Annual QA

Spend weekends with friends, not water tanks.


Uncompromising tolerances for unwavering trust.

When millimeters matter most.

Absolute Dosimetry

The purest picture of dose.

“Pinpoint” is our margin of error.

Patient Dosimetry

Patient dosimetry that adapts to daily patient changes.

Pre-treatment is just the beginning.

Cyber knife

Filmless and finished in under 10 minutes.

Diagnostic CT QA

Exceptionally accurate for measuring radiation dose output for CT and CBCT scanners.

Diagnostic DR, CR & Flouroscopy

Test flat panel and cone beam constancy of fluoroscopic xray systems and IGRT imaging systems.


For more information and prices, please contact sales:

Liliane Rothoff
Liliane.rothoff@lionessmedtech.com, +46(0)760 08 41 80

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