History Of Particle Therapy

Radiation Therapy with charged particles was first proposed by Robert R. Wilson in 1946.

1895 Discovery of X-rays
1896 First use of x-rays for RT
1903 Discovery of Bragg peak
1913 Nobel Prize to Bragg Sr. & Jr.
1930 First construction of Cyclotron
1946 Use of ion beam proposed for RT
1955 First proton therapy at LBNL, USA
1957 First cancer patient treated with protons at TSL, Sweden
1961 Proton therapy started at MGH/HCL, USA
1973 Development of CT
1975 First heavy ion therapy at LBNL, USA
1990 Hospital-based proton center at LLUMC, USA
1994 C-ion RT started at HIMAC, NIRS, Japan
1997 C-ion RT started at GSI/Heidelberg, Germany
1998 First Hospital based proton RT with cyclotron at NCC, Japan
2001 MGH new proton therapy facility opens
2006 UF and MD Anderson open PT centers
2009 Proton and C-Ion RT started at HIT, Heidelberg, Germany
2010 LIONESS founded
2012 Proton and C-Ion RT started at CNAO, Italy