Investor Relations

Welcome to the Investor Relations page of Lioness MedTech. We appreciate your interest in our company and are committed to providing transparency and timely information to our investors.

Here you will find key information about Lioness MedTech, our mission, and our commitment to integrating leading technologies and services for advanced cancer diagnoses and curative care.

Company Overview

Lioness MedTech is a dynamic company operating in the field of cancer diagnostics and curative care. Our mission is to address the global need for improved and patient-friendly cancer therapy solutions. We are dedicated to represent the finest and most advanced medical technologies and services available, focusing on delivering innovative and high-quality solutions that make a real difference in patient outcomes.

Product Offerings

As a distributor in the Nordics, Lioness MedTech offers a range of advanced medical technologies and services. Our portfolio includes:

  • Stereotactic MR-guided adaptive radiotherapy — SMART, MRIdian Linac from VIEWRAY: These technologies combine stereotactic techniques with real-time MR-guidance, allowing for precise and adaptive radiation therapy that improves treatment accuracy and patient outcomes.
  • Stereotactic radiosurgery SRS — ZAP-X from ZAP Surgical: ZAP-X is a stereotactic radiosurgery system designed for precise and non-invasive treatment of tumors in the brain and other areas of the body. It offers patients a comfortable treatment experience with minimal side effects.
  • Quality Control — Innovative multipurpose radiation QC PHANTOMS from IMTQA: Our collaboration with IMTQA enables us to offer cutting-edge quality control phantoms that ensure the accuracy and reliability of radiation therapy equipment, enhancing the safety and effectiveness of cancer treatments.
  • Moldcare – patient immobilization systems for SBRT and SRS: LIONESS provides advanced patient immobilization systems for Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) and Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS). These systems enable precise patient positioning and immobilization, facilitating targeted treatments.
  • ExaSkin – High-density bolus for immobilization systems for SBRT and SRS: ExaSkin is a high-density bolus designed for use with immobilization systems in SBRT and SRS. It allows for precise dose delivery and enhances treatment accuracy.

In addition to our distribution role, Lioness MedTech serves as an agent in Europe for SUMITOMO products. These products include:

  • Particle Therapy — Accelerators and proton therapy systems: SUMITOMO is renowned for its particle therapy solutions, which utilize accelerators and proton therapy systems to deliver precise and effective cancer treatments.
  • BNCT — Boron Neutron Capture Therapy: Lioness Medtech represents the first and only clinical accelerator-based BNCT system developed by SUMITOMO. This innovative therapy offers a unique approach to cancer treatment, providing new possibilities for patients.
  • Nuclear Medicine Accelerators — Cyclotrons for radiopharmaceutical production: Our collaboration with SUMITOMO enables us to offer advanced cyclotrons for radiopharmaceutical production in nuclear medicine, contributing to the development of innovative diagnostic, therapeutic and theragnostic compounds.

Training and Services

Lioness Medtech understands that leading-edge cancer care requires advanced tools, which can be complex and costly. To maximize the utility of these technologies, we offer comprehensive training and support services. Through training programs we empower healthcare professionals to utilize cutting-edge technologies to their fullest potential.


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