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Moldcare RI II

Patient Immobilization Device

In pursuit of the highest levels of accuracy Technological achievements in the effort to reproduce, preserve and immobilize the patient’s ideal posture during radiotherapy.

ALCARE is a pioneering manufacturer of cast and splint materials in Japan. Based on the company’s success in developing products with superior support and immobilizing capabilities, ALCARE has now developed a patient immobilizing device for radiotherapy.

ALCARE has enhanced the capability to reproduce, preserve and immobilize the patient’s posture to the very high degree of accuracy required in the medical industry. The time required to set up the immobilizing brace has been reduced and subsequently, the quality of life of patients has been improved.

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Moldcare RI II

Clinical Restraining brace for the Head, Neck, Chest, Trunk and Pelvic regions

Moldcare RI II is a customized patient immobilizing brace designed with state of the art modeling techniques for optimum speed and accuracy. The maintenance of the patient’s ideal posture can be significantly improved during radiotherapy.

1. Individually customized positioning of patient’s posture during radiotherapy can be achieved with maximum accuracy and the failure in the adjustment of the irradiation field can be prevented.

2. Moldcare RI II is made of low specific gravity base material and can be used in dose distribution measurements through CT simulation and therapeutic procedures.

3. By carefully adjusting the temperature and quantity of water applied Moldcare RI II can be modeled according to each patient’s condition.

✔️ Patient posture-adjusting material

The superior base material enabled accurate modeling of the patient’s posture

✔️ Reduction of labor time

This revolutionary new patient immobilizing device requires little time or space to set up.

✔️ Improvement of patient’s Quaility Of Life

Patients are provided with a comfortable and secure fit which reduces discomfort during treatment.

✔️ High permeability for radiation

It can bee used during treatment with a CT simulator as it has a high permeability to radiation.

✔️ Volume reduction of waste products

After use to facilitate disposal, the size of the Moldcare RI II can be reduced by use of an autoclave.

Moldcare RI II is MR Safe. Therefore, Moldcare RI II can be safely taken into any MRI environment.



For more information and prices, please contact our salesrepresentative:

Liliane Rothoff
Liliane.rothoff@lightions.com, +46(0)760 08 41 80

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