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Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare Co., Ltd. is dedicated to providing, developing and producing high-performance advanced medical imaging, radiotherapy equipment, life science instruments and offers intelligent digital solutions to customers worldwide. UIH is committed to creating more value for our customers and constantly improving the global accessibility of high-end medical equipment and services through in-depth cooperation with hospitals, universities, research institutions, and industry partners. See more at: https://global.united-imaging.com/en.

Molecular Imaging

Leading innovations in molecular imaging, United Imaging Healthcare Co., Ltd. (UIH) has developed a complete portfolio of LYSO based SIPM digital PET detector systems. Dedicated to revolutionizing user experiences from clinical applications to advanced research, UIH’s portfolio starts where others end. Together with global customers, UIH is changing how we view Molecular Imaging today, and in the future.





Integrated-Light-Guide Digital PET Detector:

Leading the digital revolution of molecular imaging, achieving breakthroughs both in resolution and sensitivity with LYSO based digital SIPM technology.


u-MI Panorama GS

Next-Generation 148 cm Whole-Body PET/CT: uMI Panorama GS is an advanced PET/CT solution for whole-body imaging, featuring state-of-the-art uExcel technology. It is the first whole-body system to break the 200 ps timing barrier and boasts an impressive 148 cm axial field of view (FOV). This system delivers exceptional capabilities for both functional and anatomical imaging, expanding possibilities for both clinical practice and research.

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u-MI Panorama

Breaking Barriers in Every Direction: uMI Panorama sets industry standards with the finest National Electrical Manufactures Association (NEMA) PET spatial resolution, truly-fast time of flight (TOF), extendable axial field of view (AFOV), the wide bore and 318-kg (700-lb) table weight capacity that accommodates patients of all sizes. Leveraging its advanced features for streamlined workflows, enhanced personalized care, and expanded research opportunities, it leads to new possibilities in healthcare.

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u-MI Vista

High-Resolution Digital PET/CT: With the unique Integrated-Light-Guide Digital PET technology and a 160-slice CT system, uMI Vista combines high quality functional images with fine anatomical structure visualization. The state-of-the-art reconstruction technology and comprehensive applications further boost diagnostic precision in oncology, neurology and cardiology.

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The World’s First Total-Body PET/CT: The uEXPLORER is an ultra-high-resolution digital PET/CT with a 194cm axial PET field of view (FOV) that enables the entire body to be scanned in one bed position. The system offers total-body dynamic scanning, which enables ultra-low patient doses and produces ultra-high image resolution, changing the way whole-body PET/CT imaging has traditionally been performed. With total-body coverage and unprecedented sensitivity, uEXPLORER is able to capture dynamic changes to radiotracer distribution with ultra-high temporal resolution. Take healthcare applications and scientific research to the next level with uEXPLORER.

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u-PMR 790

Next Generation HD TOF PET/MR: The uPMR 790 enables simultaneous PET/MRI imaging with high temporal and spatial resolution. Next generation PET and MRI technologies redefine routine clinical imaging of real-time anatomical and functional imaging, while redefining cutting edge research imaging.

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u-MI 780

Ultra-Fast High Resolution Digital PET/CT: Combining a long axial FOV digital PET with a 160-slice CT, the powerful uMI 780 scanner provides 2.9mm NEMA resolution, 16cps/kBq sensitivity and a 30cm axial FOV for a revolutionary breakthrough in the combination of clarity, sensitivity, coverage and speed.

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u-MI 550

High-Resolution Digital PET/CT: uMI 550 makes the state-of-art digital PET technology attainable to more customers. With the unique Integrated-Light-Guide Digital PET detector, uMI 550 provides 2.9mm NEMA resolution. The 80-slice CT system with Z-Detector enables diagnostic CT images with high spatial resolution and improved low contrast detectability.

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Computed Tomography

With an imaging chain based on the revolutionary Z-Detector combined with AI, United Imaging aims to redefine Computed Tomography and offer our customers a highly-efficient workflow, crystal-clear image quality with low radiation dose, optimal financial performance and comprehensive applications to broaden the clinical spectrum.






The Z-Detector reduces electronic noise down to a single photon level, improving the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and providing more detailed images.






Efficient Workflow:

AI-based auto positioning workflow provides accurate and quick scanning to improve patients throughput and workflow efficiency.

u-CT 960+

Born with AI, the uCT 960+ is an ultra-premium CT scanner with industry-leading AI-empowered technologies throughout the system. Equipped with 16 cm of z-axis coverage, a 0.25 sec rotation speed, an 82 cm ultra-wide bore, and a 318 kg table weight capacity, the uCT 960+ offers precise imaging and ease of use for all types of patients from routine to advanced applications, including cardiac, acute care, trauma, and oncology.

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u-CT 820

The uCT 820 scanner is equipped with advanced AI technologies and designed with a patient-centered philosophy. It provides comprehensive tissue characterization, minimizes radiation exposure, enables rapid volumetric imaging, and streamlines exam setup for enhanced patient throughput. uCT 820 delivers an exceptional premium CT examination experience for both you and your patients.

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u-CT 780

With the persistent pursuit of precision and efficiency for imaging and diagnosis, uCT 780 is equipped with the fully integrated Z-Detector to allow low dose data acquisition with fine details. The fast rotation speed of the system improves the cardiac scan quality.

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u-CT 760

The uCT 760 features a fully integrated Z-Detector. The ultra-low electronic noise of the Z-Detector, along with powerful imaging chain, greatly improves the clinical user experience, revealing the diagnostic details with minimized radiation dose with powerful imaging chain, providing comprehensive and reliable cardiac imaging capability with cardiac excellence.

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u-CT 550

By integrating technologies usually reserved for high-end scanners, uCT 550 delivers many advances in image quality and workflow efficiency, significantly enhancing routine clinical performance.

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u-CT 528

uCT 528 is designed for sophisticated CT applications through simple operations, coming with lower radiation dose, higher efficiency and improved profitability.

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u-CT 520

uCT 520 is designed to bring customers greater access to advanced technologies. The system also shows excellent financial performance with reliable components and multiple integrated advanced applications.

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