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AnatGe designs and produces medical devices in the field of oncology, more specifically in the field of Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) and Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS). Our products arise from clinical practice to solve its problems in an innovative way. All of them incorporate new improvements and technical advances over existing technology, which provide clear clinical advantages and even constitute relevant concept changes in the way treatments are applied.

Patient Immobilization Device

In pursuit of the highest levels of accuracy Technological achievements in the effort to reproduce, preserve and immobilize the patient’s ideal posture during radiotherapy.

ALCARE is a pioneering manufacturer of cast and splint materials in Japan. Based on the company’s success in developing products with superior support and immobilizing capabilities, ALCARE has now developed a patient immobilizing device for radiotherapy.

ALCARE has enhanced the capability to reproduce, preserve and immobilize the patient’s posture to the very high degree of accuracy required in the medical industry. The time required to set up the immobilizing brace has been reduced and subsequently, and the quality of life of patients has been improved.

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Stereotactic Multidampening SBRT System: eXaCradle is the only SBRT stereotactic system that allows to customize the compression to each tumor location, through a set of 7 compressions of multi-dampening. In addition, it is compatible with 3T resonance, making it an optimal system for treating kidney, liver and pancreas injuries.

The system offers an excellent reproducibility in order to apply minimal IGRT corrections. In addition, being a stereotactic system, it does not require the use of seeds to locaze the tumor, which reduces the risk of toxicities derived from the use of fiduciary markers.

High Density Bolus

Forget about electrons & choose the most accurate skin treatment.

eXaSkin is a high density and high adaptation bolus on paste form allows:

  • To get personalized bolus in three minutes.
  • To avoid the use of electron beams in treating superficial neoplastic lesions.
  • Accurate photon beam therapy of skin.
  • Accurate delivery of the dose to the skin in any clinical situation, thus it is especially recommended for treating highly critical regions (scalp, neck, ear, nose or genitals, among others).

Immobilization Cushions

Vacuum Cushions

Tough & Easy to Clean
The vacuum cushions are manufactured from high-performance nylon, and are tough and easy to clean. Different versions are available, in indexable and non indexable models, incorporating a posterior side with 1, 2 or 3 anchoring systems for indexing bars according to the cushion dimensions.

Moldcare – Customisable & Water Activatable Cushions.
This product is a customized patient immobilizing cushion designed with state of the art modeling techniques for optimum speed and accuracy. The maintenance of the patient’s ideal posture can be significantly improved during radiotherapy procedures.

Totim – Total Immobalization. Ready to use polyurethane foam cushion.
Totim is a polyurethane foam cushion for immobilization used for positioning the patients in radiotherapy. It guarantees the reproducibility of patient positioning during the whole treatment cycle and is used for any part of the body. The product is provided in many different formats adapted to every part of the body.

eXaCast Thermoplastics

High Accuracy Thermoplastic Masks

eXaCast is our brand of thermoplastic, which is offered in various perforation and thickness formats, as well as with different drying speeds. We design and manufacture a wide variety of thermoplastic masks adapted to any immobilization system:

  • Multi-point masks with anchor push-pins.
  • Multipoint masks with L-shaped anchor point.
  • U-type masks and S-type with frame (IMRT) and whithout.
  • SRS masks compatible with BrainLab systems.
  • V-shaped masks compatible with ELEKTA systems.

Head & Shoulders

H&N Device for Accurate Head, Neck and Shoulder Immobilization in Radiotherapy Treatments

eaSyFrame is compatible with multipoint masks of 3, 4 and 5 push-pin type profiles.

Main features

  • Reduce size for easy management and reduce width to avoid coalitions.
  • Light, made of polymers of very low attenuation.
  • Compatible with standard Timo (foam) and Silverman (PVC) head supports.
  • Removable indexing wings for positioning cushions like Moldcare.
  • Its special configuration allows the close contact of the thermoplastic with the ears, allowing an accurate head & neck immobilization.
  • Thermoplastic masks can be adapted to different shoulder width.
  • The board can be fully indexed to any couch through a couple of indexing bars slots.

Thorax & Breast

Breast Board

eaSyBreast is an innovative breast board manufactured in light and robust carbon fibre. The system controls the height and inclination of the arms (positions 3, and 4) and the base board (positions 1, and 2) independently, in order to reduce extension of the shoulders and avoid collisions.

The arm and wrist rests can be adjusted independently and the velcro fastening system improves patient comfort. Removable indexing markers are included for indexing immobilisation cushions to improve patient immobilisation and reproducibility.

eaSyBreast is compatible with eXaSeat, a patented swivel seat, which allows the patient to be easily positioned on the board, while centering and fixing the patient longitudinally.

Pelvis & Limbs

Pelvis and Limbs Immobilization Device

eXaHip™ is designed to improve positioning accuracy and repositioning of the lower abdomen, pelvis and limbs. This system combines the advantages and functionality of the footrest (eXaFeet) and the footrest (eXaKnee). The combination of eXaFeet and eXaKnee together with the eXaHip base improves and facilitates patient repositioning.

eXaFeet is indexable along the base of eXaHip up to 10 different positions (A-J) and its angulation is adjustable up to 4 positions (0º, 5º, 10º, 15º).

eXaKnee is indexable in up to 5 different positions (I, A, B, C and +) on the eXaHip baseplate, which is also indexable to the treatment or CT couch by means of two indexing bars. In addition, the height of eXaKnee can be modified by the eXaKnee elevation blocks to obtain optimum height and comfort.

Pediatric Immobilization

Stereotactic System for Pediatric Immobilization

eXaKid is the result of years of clinical experience in the treatment of pediatric patients. It is specifically designed to meet the needs and improve the treatment precision for these patients. One of the main objectives in the design of eXaKid is to facilitate workflows and immobilisation protocols.

The equipment incorporates a stereotactic system for the location of tumours visible externally and in the CT images. Manufactured with low density and MR compatible composite material, it is a piece of equipment which is robust, with low attenuation and excellent dosimetric properties.


For more information and prices, please contact sales:

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