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Standard Imaging has over 30 years of experience in precision devices for radiation oncology. The company offers collaborative medical device design, development, production, and quality management and is able to provide customized solutions based on the need of customers:

  • End-To-End QA Phantoms for Radiation Therapy
  • Comprehensive SRS/SBRT QA Devices
  • Fast and Comprehensive TG-142 QA Solutions
  • Daily QA Phantoms for OBI, CT/SIM, and 6DOF
  • MR Image Distortion Analysis Phantoms
  • Winston-Lutz QA Solutions
  • Auto Analysis Software
  • Quality Management Solutions, Training & Implementation
  • Custom Devices for Unique Challenges

More information is available at https://www.imtqa.com.

QA Phantoms

MAX-HD 2.0 is the first SRS QA Phantom to provide Fully-Anthropomorphic, High-Definition IGRT QA for MRI, CT, kV, and  MV modalities.

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