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Lioness Medtech’s expert service team assists several hospitals in Europe through both on-site and remote monitoring, as well as preventive maintenance and repairs as needed.

Lioness Medtech offers specialized service for accelerators and imaging equipment.

ViewRay - A New Paradigm in Radiation Oncology

ViewRay MRIdian users now have over 10 years of clinical experience in MR-guided radiation therapy, with more than 40,000 patients treated using the MRIdian® system. Thanks to its diagnostic-quality, real-time MRI visualization, the MRIdian® allows a variety of treatment options, where Stereotactic MR-guided Adaptive Radiotherapy (SMART) represents the future of SBRT, along with MRIGRT, MRSRS, and Real-time On-table Adaptive Radiotherapy (ROARs). ViewRay’s MR-Linac facilitates hypofractionation and dose escalation in moving targets. With 8 MR images per second throughout the treatment, doctors can accurately apply curative doses, as they can monitor and adjust the treatment in real-time, stopping the beam as necessary to protect healthy tissue.

The ViewRay MRIdian® MR-Linac fits in a standard RT treatment vault or linac bunker.

MR-linac MRIdian Linac from ViewRay

The MRIdian® from ViewRay enables cancer specialists to deliver truly personalized and adaptive radiation therapy. It provides a unique combination of simultaneous radiation therapy and real-time magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for the treatment of cancer.

Adaptive Workflow & Software

With MRIdian, physicians are able to directly view and track the tumor during treatment and adapt to changes in the tumor and surrounding tissue. Additionally, because it uses MRI technology instead of computed tomography (CT) scans, MRIdian is able to reduce the level of radiation exposure.

MRIdian® - the world’s first




MRI-guided radiation therapy system to image and treat cancer patients simultaneously. Please contact us for more information.

True image guided adaptive radiation therapy

The MRIdian® system offers clinicians a fresh and safe approach to observing, assessing, and personalizing a patient’s treatment. It provides high-quality pretreatment images and continuous soft-tissue imaging during treatment, even while the beam is on.

The Software

With the MRIdian® system’s unique treatment planning and delivery software, physicians are able to define the parameters of the treatment process in their prescriptions. Welcome to see it in clinical use.

See the target

MRI is the clinically preferred method of imaging soft tissue. It provides clinicians with a clearer view of the patient’s internal organs, such as the lung. Additionally, it enables on-line imaging with the beam on, allowing for the observation of any movements in the target volume (TGV) or organs at risk (OAR).

Advanced treatments

The system provides support for advanced and conventional radiation therapy techniques, including MRIGRT, SRS, SRT, IMRT, and 3D conformal therapy. The software tools can assist physicians with better managing of personalized treatment processes.

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